The LEAP Academy


Promise, trust and confidence are built through relationships.


Relationships are built with long-term commitments.


No one can succeed on their own. We must help all of our children.

Who We Are

And What We Believe


We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in Madison, Alabama.

Public School Support

We provide support for innovative public school programs in North Alabama.


We support programs designed to give students the tools they need to address adverse circumstances as they arise.


In addition to the basics, education must teach each student to become a leader and contribute to his community.


Long-term mentoring relationships need to be established between students and their teachers.


Failure to serve our children will have long term consequences for both them and our community.

Our Locations

What We Have Done

Where We Would Like to Be

Horizon Elementary

We are in our second year of providing support to Horizon Elementary in Madison.

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Madison Cross Roads

Plans are underway to support a new LEAP Program in Madison County at MXR starting in Summer 2019.

Another School in Madison?

We are also looking to establish an additional program in Madison City in 2019.


"An amazing opportunity"

  • "We have tracked behavior throughout the first semester and there have been no significant behavior issues with any LEAP students. This is an improvement from the summer of 2016."

    Jennifer Walker, Counselor, Horizon Elementary

  • "Our LEAP students from 2017 experienced great success the first semester of school and every student with the exception of one has met classroom goals and they continue to stay on track with district standards in reading and math."

    Jennifer Walker, Counselor, Horizon Elementary

  • "Our program was able to connect with several homeless students from the Madison City district and have them as part of our group."

    Jennifer Walker, Counselor, Horizon Elementary

  • "This was an amazing opportunity for outreach because otherwise these students would likely remain at home with not many interactions with others throughout the summer. This was a great addition to our program and we hope to include these students again even if they do not attend Horizon Elementary."

    Jennifer Walker, Counselor, Horizon Elementary


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