LEAP Academy

Leaders Emerging with Amazing Potential
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Our Mission

LEAP Academy in Madison considers it both a tremendous blessing and an awesome responsibility to educate every student in our care so that they may live a life that is rewarding for both them and their community. We care deeply for all of our students.

Students often face challenges created by forces that can appear to be beyond their control. These can lead to frustration in the school environment and severe gaps in academic growth and social development. The long-term consequences for our children and everyone around them are a concern for all of us.

We strive to exhaust every resource we have to address any challenge that any child may face while in our care. We believe that in order to counter the challenges and create a promising future for our children, we must work to ensure that they see themselves as leaders and contribute to the world around them in a positive way. Not only must we provide an education in the basics, we must promote self-esteem and encourage leadership in all of our students to help them reverse the effects of the challenges they encounter. This is a long-term commitment to our students to help them build a foundation of supporting relationships and give them the best chance for developing a strong belief in themselves and their community.

LEAP is an acronym for Leaders Emerging with Amazing Potential, which very nicely embodies how we feel about our students. The LEAP Academy logo is a runner sailing over the crest of a hurdle with drive, ambition, form, grace and elegance, all of which result from years of training, coaching, and mentoring.

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Our Location

LEAP Academy begins its first year during the summer of 2017 in Madison City Schools at Horizon Elementary School and Discovery Middle School in Madison, Alabama.

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